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About The Podcast

From the producer of Pulse of the Planet and the world’s most widely read astronomer -  a weekly freewheeling exploration of the astonishing world of science.  What’s the most inexplicable object in the cosmos?  When is Doomsday coming?  The heaviest thing in the universe?  Nikola Tesla’s dark secret?  All this and more, each week on Astounding Universe.  

“Jim Metzner isn’t in charge of the universe but he probably knows who is. Metzer has recently debuted his newest project, a podcast called Astounding Universe. It is a doozy.”  

Ken Mills, Spark News

Meet The Hosts


Bob Berman

Bob Berman is the world’s most widely read astronomer. He has authored more than a thousand published articles in national magazines, written ten popular books (eight with top-five major publishers) and been a guest on such TV shows as Today, CBS This Morning, and Late Night with David Letterman. He is the chief astronomer for SLOOH, the community observatory.

Bob is contributing editor and the longest running columnist in Astronomy magazine. He is also the astronomy editor of the Old Farmers Almanac. From 1989 to 2006, he was also Discover magazine's sole monthly astronomy columnist.

His Skywindow program is heard weekly on the 29 stations of Northeast Public Radio stations during NPR's Weekend Edition.

For 16 years, Berman ran the summer astronomy program at Yellowstone Park for the National Park Service and Yellowstone Institute.

Berman founded the Catskill Astronomical Society in 1976, the Storm King Observatory at Cornwall, New York, and Overlook Observatory, near Woodstock, New York. 

He was adjunct professor of astronomy and physics at Marymount college from 1995-2000.


Jim Metzner

Jim Metzner has had an eclectic career as an actor, singer-songwriter and writer.  He’s best known as a radio and now podcast producer creating sound-rich radio programs since 1977, beginning his career with a ground-breaking short format series - You're Hearing Boston, produced for CBS station WEEI-FM.  Metzner's other award-winning series include You're Hearing San Francisco, You're Hearing America, The Sounds of Science, Voices of Innovation, and Pulse of the Planet, which has been on the air since 1988.  Pulse of the Planet airs on over 200 stations in the US and receives over a million downloads every month as a podcast.  He has recorded all over the world and produced features for public radio's Marketplace, All Things Considered and Weekend Edition Saturday, where he was a featured commentator for many years.   Clients include: National Geographic Online, Discovery, Thirteen/WNET, the American Museum of Natural History, the American Association of Engineering Societies, DuPont,  NASA, Virginia Tech, and the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies.

Jim has received major grants from the National Science Foundation, NASA, the National Endowment for the Humanities and the American Honda Foundation. In 2006, he was awarded a fellowship at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole.  In 2017, he travelled to Germany, Austria and Switzerland as a Fulbright Scholar.

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